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It's a sad day today. Two soldiers from my former unit were killed in action and two more are in bad shape a couple days ago in Iraq :mad: All I ask is if you see a soldier you say thank you!

For my buddies in 293rd Military Police Co. Keep your heads down and come home safe, I miss you guys and wish I could be their with you!

P.S. A yellow ribon still flies for the fallen!

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There are some people that I hold a special respect for, America's soldiers are one group.

Every time I a Soldier I think that his or her job is one small part in keeping America Free. Most people do not know what it means to be free, including most Americans. We have taken right for granted, and alot of people would not stand up and fight to have the privilege to be free. I know you all have read what happened to some of America’s founders who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Ask you self if America was not the place it is today would you stand up and fight to be free? And take the risks these men did.

I truly believe that most American Soldiers would. Because they understand what it means and takes to be free. They willingly but their lives on the line and risk financial hardships and failed relationships, for the opportunity so that we may have Freedom.

To each and every family that has lost someone you have my deepest respect and sympathy. You can take comfort that their sacrifice has not gone un-noticed or appreciated by myself and others.
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