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I was contaced by a seller that was selling a bike. The deal sounded too good to be true so I did a little research. Maybe you guys have seen this before, but I thought I'd put this up just in case.

These bastards are setting up fake escrow companies to rip people off.
The person wanted me to go through this escrow company.

The site looks pretty legit, but I'm sure its bullshit.

Check this link out and then the next:
BS escrow

Where it says, " Government agencies perform regular audits of independently licensed escrow companies. The audit examinations serve to protect public funds, determine safety and soundness of operations and determine compliance with escrow statutes and regulations.

European Chamber of E-Commerce East Lancashire

licence #9631865

The European Chamber of E-Commerce East Lancashire conducts the most stringent examination of all government agencies. Learn more about its escrow laws . "

Then go the chamber of commerce site.
chamber of e-commerce

It reads,

"It has come to our attention that certain Escrow services are claiming that they are licensed by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce or organizations with a similar name.

If you are considering using one of these services, you should be aware that the Chamber of Commerce does not license any of these companies, the use of the name of the Chamber of Commerce is unauthorized, any link to the Chamber of Commerce website is unauthorised and legal action against the companies responsible is being investigated."

I contacted the website hosting company:
I don't know if they can do anything about it though.
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