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I paid $860+ for the full set last year: This includes the tank cover

What is used to look like:

1st Paint Job:

2nd Paint Job because I didn't like the 1st (never crashed): Wished I never repainted it--I asked for red and I get BRICK RED. :mad

  • It's gone through 2 color phases.
  • The current one being BRICK red :mad
  • It's never been crashed
  • Slight marks here and there from loading the bike
  • And one of the front fender tabs has a pressure crack but it didn't completely crack through...just on the surface.
$600 OBO (pickup in Socal).
If you want this shipped please PM me your addy.

Pay in cash and pickup and I'll throw in Dzus fastners and refer you to my painter...haha j/k I'll see if I can throw in some goodies.

If interested please PM me!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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