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As stated above i have a 2004 Suzuki Savage with saddle bags, windshield, and new extras. My buddy is in a pinch and needs to sell it. Clear Title in Hand!! $2000.00 It has 1800 miles on the clock and was owned and riden by a woman. The woman in question has decided to take leave of my friend and take his new truck and the kids. This bike is his lock stock & barrel and he needs the $$ to help with bills. If you know anyone who needs a bike this is a GREAT starter bike or just a "get around towner" Call me @ 813-239-6903 or Nextel my "beep beep" number listed below. This is a good friend of mine i have known since highschool. Please gimmie a hand if you can guys.


NOTE: the pic is not the actual bike it is for reference...the real bike has saddle bags on it....i will post pix of it as soon as i get them


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