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This has finally pissed me off to the point where I will make a pointless post about it.

I have been riding for three years without a motorcycle license, just a permit that I keep renewing. Oh, I've tried making appointments and tried to comply with the ridiculous fucking state requirements for obtaining a license.

What do I object to?

In order to take your road test you must make an appointment at one of not many sites where motorcycle testing is permitted. The registration process ensures you are presented with the message "no dates available for this location" over and over again. If you luck out, you wind up with an appointment for one and a half months away.

Now, to continue, you must be followed by someone in a car who has a valid motorcycle endorsement to the testing area. This person will observe you as you ride and then drive the instructor about during the exam.

Why? Are they fucking serious? What if you don't know someone with an endorsement? What if you don't have a car for them to use? Exactly what will someone with a motorcycle endorsement in a car behind you do if something goes wrong while you are riding?

Logic? Convenience? Practicality? Fuck no!

Here's a novel idea: One or multiple DMVs have a parking lot where you can show up on the bike, ride a course set in painted lines while an instructor watches you. That's it! No other driver, no car, no problem coordinating schedules so two people can show up during what are normal fucking work hours so some jackass who barely graduated high school can watch you perform tricks like a sea otter before bestowing upon you some useless credential.


( Unless, of course, you pay for a course. Money solves everything, doesn't it.)
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