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exhaust question.

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I am just curious to see if anyone eles with a 2004 Ninja 500R has put on the 2-1 Muzzy Exhaust on their bike and what the resaults are like.

Just in general what kinda power gains do people get from putting exhaust on? What eles should be done at the same time?
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Dude, you're new to riding and made some great decisions......and I know wondering about this stuff is sorta natural but.....leave it stock. Just learn to ride for now, when you get some seat time and have the 'want' for such things(no one needs to change things like that), ask again.....we'll be here.

*I know, I'm such a downer at times! :p *
I can respect that reply. I was most liely planning on leaving it stock unless it totally sounds like shit. I have never heard one of these bikes on the road so I can't tell you yet I was simply inquiring.
is it going to be your first bike ?
if so, it doesn't mater how it sounds, it could sound like a microwave and you would still enjoy it soooo much to ride it :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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