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Just finished selling it off. I already miss having it around. I poured so much money and time into working on it and getting the ergos and handling -just right-... Oh well, I can't take two bikes with me up to MT (Hard to ride two bikes at once :lol), so I'm happy with how things have worked out. I was REALLY afraid that nobody'd buy it before this Tues and I'd have to figure out what to do.

And for those of you who talk about wastes of money... I bought the bike for 600 bucks, and just sold it for 600. I've put about 200 bucks into it in the form of oil, plugs, etc... About 250 bucks in gas (this is going by today's gas prices, but right around there), and 130 for new clipons (If anyone has any questions about the Woodcraft CFM clipons--GET them. They rock).

Total loss: 130 in parts added
450 for consumables

This is over the course of 1 year of ownership. I only barely didn't break even. Makes sense to buy used and start small.
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