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EVR Ducati Vented Clutch Pressure Plate
Pricing: $160.00 FREE Shipping

CNC machined vented clutch pressure plate for all Ducati dry clutch models (non-slipper type) made by EVR in Italy. Specially designed ventilation system cools your clutch lowering the operating temperature 10% increasing the clutch lifespan. This pressure plate is also designed to protect your clutch in the event of a crash. The clutch hub posts are prone to break in crashes. EVR has made the plate height tall enough that the clutch posts, springs and retaining caps are protected - greatly reducing the chances of damage in a crash. Includes CNC machined bearing cap which is a design feature totally unique to the EVR pressure plates.

Available in your choice of 16 color combinations, more than offered by any other manufacturer. The bottom plate and top plate are each available in your choice of black, silver, gold or red. Colors below refer to the bottom plate color first then the top plate. The bearing cap color will match the top plate color.

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

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