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I did quite a bit of riding this weekend, took a trip up to Germany just for the hell of it with a few other people, did some good riding around here in Italy too and I just have to say I fucking love it here.

ALL (yes ALL) of the riders here and in Germany have so much modesty and humility. We met ALOT of Italian/German riders this weekend, and not one of them had the "I'm a super-badass rider, you can't keep up with me" attitude that I see so often in the US. They all say "Oh, I am not very good yet, but I am getting better" and similar phrases. These guys are all AMAZING riders too, even the "slow" guys here, put the "fast" guys in the US to shame. Hell, I get humbled by these guys alot, they are just AWESOME!

Maybe this is just a rant, or maybe it's one of the MANY reasons that I don't really want to come back to the US. It's so refreshing not to have a bunch of "Starbucks Posers" everywhere, people here ride FOR THE RIDE (the way it should be!) Also the attitude towards motorcyclists is great here, everyone on the road has the utmost respect for us, the drivers here are VERY predictable, they always pull off to the right, and on the rare occasion they do pull out in front of you, they don't even pull into the lane, they pull immediately onto the shoulder.

If anyone ever has the chance to come over here and do some riding you will see exactly what I mean. I guess this did just end up being a rant about how much better riding is in Europe than the US, but I'm not exaggerating ANYTHING that I've typed here. I'll come back to the US for a month or so a year just to visit family, but I think I'm gonna stay in Europe for good! :leghump
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