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electrical help asap

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ok, i know this isn't supposed to go in general sportbikes but i'd like to get help fast and this probably has the most traffic. i'm hooking up my scorpio alarm right now, the ignition disable feature to be specific. this calls for me to cut the ignition wire and connect their wiring in series. there are obviously a few places i can splice into, i've chose to go right below the fusebox because the wires will reach the control unit and it'd be hard for thieves to get to this. here's my question: which one is the ignition wire. i see the ignition label on the fusebox, and i see all the wires below, my question is which one? the manual says orange with white stripe, i can't really tell, any suggestions? this is obviously something i don't want to fuck up, i'm 99% sure that this is the right one with the circle.


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I couldnt tell you without looking at the wiring diagram. That's the one i would guess. But then again, you never know.

What i did to be sure, is check the wiring diagram- the ignition should have three diagrams with it. Wiring with ignition switch off, wiring with on, and wiring with parking lights on. So i checked the continuity between wires while in the "ON" position with a multimeter. If there was contact, you can tell which are which.

That is, IF you have a wiring diagram handy.... if not: ????
i got nothing, man.... sorry. Without a wiring diagram i couldnt tell you what the hell to do without looking at it....

sorry! :(
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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