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Electric signal switching? Need a litle LED wiring help

Hey everyone, I need a little help from those familiar with electrical systems. I think I"m going to go ahead and put LED's in my motorcycle vents, but the vents only as for now. I want it to look a little like Punkwoods in this thread, but jjust the vent part.

picture thread

I'm going to use red LED's. I want to do something that I've personally never seen, and that's use the LED's in conjuction with my turn signals. That wouldn't be hard as far as I can tell, but what I want to do is leave the reds on at all tiimes (unless I choose to turn them off with a switch that I will install) and have them go off and have amber LED's flash when I turn my signals on. Does anyone know of a relatively simple way I can get the red ones to go off when I turn my signals on, so that the amber ones will flash without looking reddish, and then have the red ones come back on when the signal goes off?
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