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We are now one of the few dealers in the country that are reflashing ECU's. We've been seeing some incredible (and verified) power gains. Here's a little info about it:

ECU re-flashing is a performance service consisting of reprogramming your motorcycle's stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit), unlocking the hidden potential of your sportbike. This results in incredible power gains, optimum engine deceleration maps, increased rev limit, smoother on/off throttle response, "dash code" removal and so much more.

The bike retains all stock instrument and light functions along with safety parameters of the stock ECU. We use only the most advanced hardware and software to develop and distribute one of the largest and most diverse re-flashing service's in the world. This offers the trackday enthusiast, club racer, or even factory race teams an incredibly competitive "plug-n-play electronics package without the extensive cost and testing time associated with a race kit ECU, wiring harnesses, cables, etc...

Features of ECU re-flashing:

Remove factory timing retard
Remove throttle restrictions
Increased Idle
Increased rev limit
Smooth on/off throttle response

Getting your ECU reflashed is easy, just purchase the service here , send us your ECU, and we return it with the updated settings. If you have any questions, please ask.
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