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Easy way to make a few hundred $$ quick?

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Does anyone know of a way to possibly make a few hundred $$ in a few weeks? legal ways of course.....and yes.....I have a job...just want to make some more money

Been thinking of stuff I could do but I don't think any are really solid ideas........

I've posted on craigslist that I can do some graphic design, web design, photo retouching/color correction and have only had 1 bite on the web design....

Any other ideas come to mind? Serious replies only please.
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fung shui-er.

learn the art of fung shuei.

now whore yourself out to people, and organize their rooms according to fung shui, and make millions. works best if you can attract hippy-type clientel.
Okay so..I know this sounds dubious but for donating blood/platlets/sperm whats the drug rule? I've literally smoked weed ONCE in the past six months. And before that it's been about 3 years. Am I hosed? Do they go by any trace ammounts of THC? Do they even check? 60 bucks is enough gas for 6 bike fill ups..I'm so down.
This is scary. They will let you donate plasma if you have autoimmune disorders. The last thing a sick person needs is autoantibodies being pumped into them, but I guess they're desperate enough for plasma that it's better than nothing at all. I hope I never need any.
Quit yankin yer crank in a tube sock and hit the local sperm bank...
sell a kidney or somethin...
scrap prices are way high now. go find some copper or aluminum or brass and stuff like that. around here you can get 2.25 per pound of copper. steel and stuff is like 4.00 per hundred pound
Play some Hold Em. I turned $50 into $1200 just last week.
prodigal27 said:
Donate blood, then plasma, then platelets, then sperm. You can do it about once a week I think, or until you pass out.
this is the easiest way to bring in an extra few hundred bucks in a few weeks.
:smokin e-Bay dude. Sell something on e-Bay. You get your money up front. Box the crap up send it off and go get your "Whip"!!!
invision said:
selling those wholesale ebooks on ebay is pretty lucrative considering the small amount of work involved. uhm... try your hand at becoming a street pharmacist. find a bunch of old people and advertise that youll go buy their groceries and bring them back for 10% of the total cost.

walk dogs

mow lawns

yum, cookies.

door to door donations for you're 12 year old cousin with haam-barger disease

pool shark

pool boy

curb-numbering (zomgz stencils+spraypaint+flyers=$$$$)


virus removal

fung shui-er

lemonade (mixed with drugs so they want more ha)

part out your bike

small engine repair

mobile tire-repair



dog sitting

baby sitting

home-made meals delivered to their door

escort (if you can pull it off, but if your ugly, dont attempt it)

male stripper.

ill think of more
You should be able to retire soon with all these jobs!!!
Sibling said:
Can you say Sucky sucky 5 dollah in your best Asian accent? Now do that 20 times and you'll have a 100 dollars. :twofinger
prodigal27 said:
or until you pass out.
:lao :eek:nfloor :lao
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