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Easy way to make a few hundred $$ quick?

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Does anyone know of a way to possibly make a few hundred $$ in a few weeks? legal ways of course.....and yes.....I have a job...just want to make some more money

Been thinking of stuff I could do but I don't think any are really solid ideas........

I've posted on craigslist that I can do some graphic design, web design, photo retouching/color correction and have only had 1 bite on the web design....

Any other ideas come to mind? Serious replies only please.
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you guys are hilarious.... :eek:nfloor:

im just looking for a few hundred more so i can get a bike....i think ive got a 92 GSX 600F lined up....he wants $1500 for it and i wanna try and talk him down to about $1300....less if i can :) gonna call him this week to see about mileage and if it needs any work done to it but i think it's a pretty solid sounding bike

i cant be an escort ass ugly.....actually.....even uglier than that its quite sad

and do you really think parents would allow a 23 yr old to babysit their child.......thats insane!

and what's a fung shui-er?

haha.......anyways....thanks for the ideas guys......keep em comin...
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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