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I took this from our local forums

Just a heads up in case we have a few central riders that do not make it over to the cycle corner. A big Thanks to Onepointone for setting this up with Alfie and Ultimate Cycle. I believe I make the 10th person on the dyno list, so feel free to join.

We have an offical date of Saturday, May 9th, 2009 at Ultimate Cycle for a Central Dyno day/meet.

PM for price, I will say the price is very competitive compared to other shops that I contacted. It will cover 3 pulls and a print out of the best run. They will need a minimum of 10 guys to sign up. I will start a list. Please, PLEASE do not say you are coming if you think you aren't, and please do not confirm for someone else unless you know for a fact they are coming. I do not want to tell the shop 10 guys are signed up, and 5 show up.

Here is the address of the shop location for those who do not know.

Ultimate Cycle
8321 Midlothian Tpk
Richmond, VA 23235

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