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Dunlop U.K. has analyzed the KR108 tires involved in three recent on-track incidents and believes to have isolated the issue through common date of manufacture.

In order to keep pace with the ongoing development of today’s 1000cc Superstock machines, which place high demands on rear tires primarily, certain construction changes were made to these previously proven tires for this year’s Daytona AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) races. Based primarily on the results of performance at Daytona, these changes were applied to all standard production 17” KR108’s beginning with the 11th week of 2004’s production.

As a result, Dunlop has suspended sales and is proactively reaching out to replace any KR108 tires manufactured prior to the 11th week of 2004. Dunlop believes these construction changes improve the performance characteristics of the KR108.

Tires being replaced include all versions of 195/70R17 KR108 with a date code prior to week eleven of 2004. The date code can be found in a stenciled oval located on the left-hand side of the tire. The stencil includes four digits. For example, 4803 would represent the 48th week of 2003. Codes from 1104 forward incorporate the new standards and would not need to be replaced.

For assistance in replacing the older version of the KR108 with tires of the new construction, contact Dunlop’s race distributors at the numbers below:

Sport Tire Services: (805) 434-4810

Race Tire Services: (615) 641-2234

From Dunlop

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