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SPEEDYMOTO Front Axle Slider: 848/1098/1198/SF/MTS 1200
Pricing: $64.95

The SpeedyMoto Ducati Front Axle Slider Kit is the strongest system available on the market.
◾The kit is comprised of superior HDPE plastic sliders that offer crash resilience and protection.
◾Exceptionally strong anodized aluminum support rod, that is corrosion resistant.
◾Kit includes stainless hardware that is also corrosion resistant
Fits - 1198, 1098, 848, Multistrada 1200, Streetfighter

SPEEDYMOTO Rear Axle Sliders: 1098 / 1198 / SF / 1199
Price: $64.95

SPEEDYMOTO Rear Axle Sliders: 1098 Early 07
Price: $64.95
SpeedyMoto Rear axle sliders are designed to be the best protection for your 1098, 1198 or Streetfighter or new Multistrada 1200.

SpeedyMoto sliders are made from superior and more expensive HDPE plastic, which slides and absorbs impacts better than any other product on the market. Other materials tend to grip, flip and brake.
Works with a standard rear stand so you can service the bike easily.
Easy installation, only takes minutes.
Anodized aluminum rod and stainless hardware holds both side firmly together and won't corrode!
Kit BIG HUB late 2007 to current 1098, 1198, Streetfighter, Multistrada 1200

Special Note! *Early 07'1098's have an axle that measures 42.7mm on both left and right sides. Later models 2007 1/2 and newer have a thicker left side axle with a 40mm ID and the right side is 42.7mm. If you have a 2007 please double check your left side axle before you order.*

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

* Outside continental USA, use shipping passwords:
GLOBAL250 gets 25% off shipping on orders over $250
GLOBAL500 gets 50% off shipping on orders over $500
GLOBAL750 gets 75% off shipping on orders over $750

* Register on the Motowheels website for Free forum or lifetime VIP passwords to access discounts on most non sale items. Look for memberships and choose the membership type that fits you the best
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