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Apparently it's OK to run over motorcyclists as long as you had a rough time in your past.

Jury acquits veteran haunted by memories

I mean, I'm not dissing on veterans, but my dad an uncle were both in Nam for a LOT longer than that, and they don't drive around drunk and kill people. I mean hell, my Uncle was a door gunner in a Huey for 6 friggin months when life expectancy was like 3 weeks.

We all have crappy parts of our lives. Drunken manslaughter is still drunken manslaughter.

"Instead of facing a prison sentence, Curry, who has three previous convictions for drunken driving, will undergo a psychiatric evaluation at Mendota Mental Health Institute."

3 times? What was he doing driving? You mean he was in a flashback for the last 3 convictions too? He couldn't tell right from wrong in the last 30 years leading up to this point?

It boggles me.
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