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Drag raced a police squad car today.

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so im on my way to my community service (the irony) for getting arrested back in december. i stop at a stop light about a mile from my house, and this cop pulls up next to me. he rolls down his window and whistles. i pull up my visor thinking that hes gonna tell me to slow down. he yells "Love the bike, what is that a Falco?" i say yes, its a 2002. He tells me that he has the Haga replica mille, and he loves it. he asks me about the suspension if its ohlins like his, i say now, thinking "thanks for rubbing it in dickwad." he asks about my pipes (SL Carbon) and says he loves the sound. he tells me that he knows how easy it is to go fast on these things, and tells me to be careful and to take care of it. so i figured id give it a try and say "So does that mean that your not gonna stop me if i take off and haul ass?" and get this, he says "Hell no, hell, I'll even drag you to 45, ive been meaning to try out this new Intrepid." (Intrepid squad car).

Im like "No fucking WAY!! The light turns green and i hit it, bringing the front wheel up unintentionally. The Cop fucking FLOORS IT, screetching tires and all. I accel up to about 50 and let off. we get to the next light, and he says "I knew i had no chance, but I like these Dodges much more than the Crown Vic." I tell the cop that he needs to convert more of the officers over to his side, we said our goodbyes, and he tells me to be careful, and to keep both wheels ont he ground. the light then turns green and i went on my way.

i couldnt believe it. there are truelly cool cops out there, i just wish there was more.
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well, I am pretty safety oriented and i would have done the same thing given the chance and not thought twice about it. i would believe that in that situation judgement and discretion was made by both parties and an agreement was made.
Hey Baldman, if you think that's bad you should see some of the shit I do. :lol You would have a field day with all that! :twofinger J/K Lighten up man. For once the cops are having a friendly encounter with a sportbiker instead of giving tickets.
yeah ive came across maybe 2 cops that were like that. rest tried to hassle me even if i wasnt doing anything wrong. best parting words i heard from a cop were "try and keep all the wheels it came with on the ground" :D
Thats cool man, I would have done the exact same thing.

Truth be told, the officer clearly knew the conditions were right, ie no traffic, no busy sidestreets, no pedestrians, etc, and he also kwew that a race to 45 would be over in less than 2 seconds.
Wow.. I'm suprised. This cop was really going out on a limb. To play devils advocate for a second. What would have happened if the two of you took off and YOU crashed and got hurt?? People around you would have seen the TWO of you racing and the cop would have been made liable. Lawsuit city baby! Dont get me wrong, I don't endorse that thought, but I can hear the lawyers. The cop would have lost his job, his future as a cop, and maybe go to jail?? And who would foot the bill... the taxpayers of the state.

I know it's an outlandish thought but todays lawyers would MURDER him if anything would have happened to you during the dragrace.
Baldman, there is quite a large grey area between right and wrong, and under no circumstances is it defined by law. That's "legal" and "illegal", a practical issue. "Right" and "wrong" is a subjective, moral question. I see nothing wrong with a little (relatively) safe, clean fun, on either side of the speed limit. That officer did his job (keeping the peace, protecting the innocent) well by establishing a good relationship with those he serves.
too many old men posting in this thread. BOO FUCKIN HOO, they did a 2 1/2 sec race and these nancy boys got their panties in a bunch. give me a break...go change your depends and drink some prune juice. :gay
I think it's nice to find an officer of the law having a little fun instead of being an asshole. I for one see nothing wrong with it, only if the conditions were acceptable (no traffic/debris/etc). I have run across a few "cool" cops.

One day (when I still had my 1000) after a hard run on the interstate with my ride group, I got caught in the rain on the way home. During my journey home, I came up on a squad car. Before-hand I was doing 60mph average. When I came up on the cop, I slowed to the speed limit of 45mph. I was cruising next to the cop when he rolls his window down and asks me, "Are you aight?" I responded with, "Yeah, I'm fine." For one thing, I actually like riding in the rain, draging my feet, skitching or skiing all the while. Then he asked me, "You trying to get home?" I responded with, "Yeah, but you're slowing me down." He then said, "Oh man, don't worry about me, go ahead." I was quite excited. And took off.
I think it's kind of cool.... he drag raced to the speed limit? Was this St.PPD? or PCSO? I've heard and seen officers doing worse. I've had officers drive over here drunk after parties.... That's not even the worse part......they were in their patrol cars! Most of the guys I know are pretty cool. I hate some of these cops around here though with a passion. They know who I know so when I see them I flip them a couple and speed off. Those are the one's with ego problems. I usually respect law enforcement personnel though.
that's funny. I don't know what I would of thought if some cop did that to me?!?!?!?!
snigg said:
too many old men posting in this thread. BOO FUCKIN HOO, they did a 2 1/2 sec race and these nancy boys got their panties in a bunch. give me a break...go change your depends and drink some prune juice. :gay

Hey now,be nice. :twofinger

I'd like to run one balls out so I could see how fast the bike really is.
Naughty76 said:
Was this St.PPD? or PCSO?

it was PCSO. i havent seen any police department intrepids yet. they are all sherrif vehicles.
alaska cajun said:
Hey now,be nice. :twofinger

I'd like to run one balls out so I could see how fast the bike really is.

ok well thats one old guy fessin up, when are the rest of you gonna fess up and admit that you'd like to run him. :twofinger
hell, I'm not old, but I would like to run up agianst them. The local track (Omaha) has days on it w/the local PD, I would like to get on the track then...hahahaha that would be fun.
alaska cajun said:
Hey now,be nice. :twofinger

I'd like to run one balls out so I could see how fast the bike really is.
Are there no tracks for you to test/tune on in Alaska?

As far as racing a car: What is the point? Unless you are riding a 'Fiddy', VERY unskilled, or running against a top-fuel dragster - Where is the competition? :confused:
Rapid acceleration up to 45 on the street? I'm appalled!!! You are lucky you didn't mow down a bunch of tots on a day care field trip!! Or a busload of nuns!! I'm filled with hate for anyone who breaks a traffic law because I am above that behavior!! For shame. :)
like a few people said, i would be uncomfortable to do that b/c he might have pulled you over! maybe some rider stole the car! maybe it wasnt a cop at all... :idea
Congrats On Meeting 1 Out Of A Million Cops Like That
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