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Drag raced a police squad car today.

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so im on my way to my community service (the irony) for getting arrested back in december. i stop at a stop light about a mile from my house, and this cop pulls up next to me. he rolls down his window and whistles. i pull up my visor thinking that hes gonna tell me to slow down. he yells "Love the bike, what is that a Falco?" i say yes, its a 2002. He tells me that he has the Haga replica mille, and he loves it. he asks me about the suspension if its ohlins like his, i say now, thinking "thanks for rubbing it in dickwad." he asks about my pipes (SL Carbon) and says he loves the sound. he tells me that he knows how easy it is to go fast on these things, and tells me to be careful and to take care of it. so i figured id give it a try and say "So does that mean that your not gonna stop me if i take off and haul ass?" and get this, he says "Hell no, hell, I'll even drag you to 45, ive been meaning to try out this new Intrepid." (Intrepid squad car).

Im like "No fucking WAY!! The light turns green and i hit it, bringing the front wheel up unintentionally. The Cop fucking FLOORS IT, screetching tires and all. I accel up to about 50 and let off. we get to the next light, and he says "I knew i had no chance, but I like these Dodges much more than the Crown Vic." I tell the cop that he needs to convert more of the officers over to his side, we said our goodbyes, and he tells me to be careful, and to keep both wheels ont he ground. the light then turns green and i went on my way.

i couldnt believe it. there are truelly cool cops out there, i just wish there was more.
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They're all human like we are....and just like us there are mega-pricks with ego's the size of texas, then there are regular guys

You happened upon a regular guy for a change :headbang
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