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what R you lookin' at?
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for you old skool catz, it's from JET, yup, he's in the big sandbox right now.

for you new guy's he was here back in the beginning, and i'll vouch for it's validity

Jet said:
What's up everyone. Still here in sand land and doing alright but I have a small request from anyone that can help.
This is a double donation. One for the Battalion the other for families of lost soldiers.
My Battalion commander was trying to get money from the Brigade so he could personally give out 1 OIF 3 Battalion commander coin to each soldier in the rgmt to show them that he appreciates what they're doing here.
In the end Brigade denied his request so he's fronting the money for it out of his own pocket.
What he doesn't know is that a few of the guys around here decided that he shouldn't have to pay for it by himself and started putting money together. We've gathered about 300$ so far but we need a total of $2000.
LTC Brito the 115th Inf Rgmt Battalion commander, doesn't know we're doing this. If anyone know's him or has a loved one in the 115th try to keep it from reaching over here.

Additionally the funds will go to families who've lost loved one in the 115th, money will be put into personalized memorabilia such as wrist bracelets, plaques, etc.

I'm asking for nothing more than a few bucks. 1-2$ is fine, I don't want anyone to go throwing out 50$ or any ammount that will inconvenience you in anyway.

Please paypal to [email protected] with subject 'Donation'

Thanks to everyone for the help and support.
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