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* * Do Your Walmart Employee's Look This Hott?? * *

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Major Hotness at Walmart this week peeps!!!


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i wish they did id get a job there just to get to know them
Wow I wish that walmart was where i live or even in the same state !!!!
Holy big nipples third girl!

I'd be at wal-mart every day for the 4th chick.
I'd select the girl behind door #1 myself. Dunnp why, she just makes something click for me..... Ummmm brb I gotta click sumtin.... :D :D
very nice ver very nice #3
I'd bang all of them...I like number 4 the best...but they are all badass.
#4 would be the one for me
Both of the sweeties on the left get my vote... the bottom one even more so...
are they even legal? someone needs to feed those girls
They sure as hell ain't in no Wal-mart I ever been in........Those are some fine women .......#4 is smokin hot
Hot damn, I need to get to Wal Mart, ASAP!!!!! :eek:
I like what I see. Someone at work sent me one of a diffrent girl. Do you have a link for hose pics?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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