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I do, I love to read more than almost anything, one of my favorite Aurhors is Slive Cussler. Aka Dirk Pitt series. This man has created a charecter along the likes of Indiana Jones but Far Far better. If you like Indy go to a libaray and get a Clive Cussker biik from the Dirl Pitt series. I promis you if you are a true reader this series of books will make you late for work and all sorts of thingd. I suggest you NEVER begin a Pit Novel if you have something important to do...... Like getting maried or being at that must attend board meeting,,, It just wont happen...... :D

I have a love of reading that was started by Clive Cussker. Trust me his work is like Herion, pure uncut highly addictive, :D

wat a dum ass I put it in the wrong placs doh :needpics another :brick to teh head...... OUCH !!!!
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