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Do you guys/girls name your "privates"?

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I know many guys name their pee pees so what do you call it? Girls do you name your "stuff"? One of my g/fs named her boobs..Mandy and Candy...don't ask :lol

Of course I named my tah tah's "The Twins" but I don't call my ill na na anything!! :D

So post up...inquiring and nosey minds want to know!! :cool:
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His name is "Pokey"
Are you talking about Russell the Love Muscle.......jk
Stimy25 said:
His name is Moby................
Yeah, I agree, that singer Moby is a dickhead! :lol j/k
my ta ta's I call my "Little fetus's", "Misquito bites", or "My bumpies"

my na na, I haven't named. Just the normal phrase that goes with her. like "You wish you could!" "You know you want this!" :lol you know, the norm. :D
I call mine "tink winky" :twofinger
My dicks Navajo name means "He who spits alot"
Stimy25 said:
My dicks Navajo name means "He who spits alot"
:lol :lol You kill me Stimy
:cool: it's my rabbit :twofinger
Richard Spellunker
EricKC said:
Richard Spellunker
miss muff and boo one & boo two :lol


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HEY!!!! c'mon now yamagirl!!!! Don't be screwing things up for me.... I need friends to let friends drink and take home ugly men. How the hell am I supposed to operate here?
owww im sorry ill take it off if u like
Hugh G. Rection or Pat MaGroine
Phil MyCockus.
My penis has no name. But long ago it had one. Captain Winky. Don't ask. Won't tell.
1 - 20 of 82 Posts
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