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Do Doctors Really Do Anything?

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With the way modern medicine is today, I kind of feel like today's doctor has it a bit easy. It just seems like anytime you have a problem you go see them and all they do is check your pulse, blood pressure, and listen to your breathing and then perscribe you some drugs. The drugs do all the work. The thing that gets me is if you were taught all the symptoms of a particular ailness eventually you'd be able to know exactly what to perscribe. Some of you may argue, "Well that's what they're trained to do-recognize the symptoms..." But these symptoms are not hard to spot. If you're coughing up crap, seem to have a bad sickness, they perscribe antibiotics. If you have asthma they give you an inhaler. If you're sad they give you Prozac. It just seems to me like they're just advanced, licensed, drug dealers. Of course I really don't know what else to expect from them. It's not like I want them to whip out a scalpel each time I see them and work magic, but sometimes I wonder how hard their job really is. You do of course have some specialist like surgeons and stuff and they definitely have the skills. But some of these regular doctors... What the hell are they getting paid so much for?
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What doctors do is assume a HUGE risk by being a doctor. You are putting your life in their hands and they must know what they are doing.
Docs are like CEO's. They seem to have an easy job (other than surgeons and stuff) and get paid big for it. But what they are paid so well for is taking the responsibility for your life. Not just in the sense of holding your life in their hands. But also monetarily.
Docs can go strait to jail for making a mistake. They can be sued into oblivion and booted from the profession fairly easily. A profession they dedicate a decade or so learning.
It's alot of responsibility and it's a giant risk to take.
But if you think about it- Statistically, there has to be 'the worst doctor in the US'.

And one of us probably has an appointment with him tomorrow.
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