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Do Doctors Really Do Anything?

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With the way modern medicine is today, I kind of feel like today's doctor has it a bit easy. It just seems like anytime you have a problem you go see them and all they do is check your pulse, blood pressure, and listen to your breathing and then perscribe you some drugs. The drugs do all the work. The thing that gets me is if you were taught all the symptoms of a particular ailness eventually you'd be able to know exactly what to perscribe. Some of you may argue, "Well that's what they're trained to do-recognize the symptoms..." But these symptoms are not hard to spot. If you're coughing up crap, seem to have a bad sickness, they perscribe antibiotics. If you have asthma they give you an inhaler. If you're sad they give you Prozac. It just seems to me like they're just advanced, licensed, drug dealers. Of course I really don't know what else to expect from them. It's not like I want them to whip out a scalpel each time I see them and work magic, but sometimes I wonder how hard their job really is. You do of course have some specialist like surgeons and stuff and they definitely have the skills. But some of these regular doctors... What the hell are they getting paid so much for?
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L8 Braker said:
Wow, you are really uneducated about medicine...Have you ever watched any type of surgery??...If not, that may explain your question...These guys have thousands of hours in training, because one little snip of the wrong vessell, and boom, death...

Almost every singe symptom you have is a symptom for numerous illnesses...A simple cough can be anything from asthma, to pneumonia, tuberculosis, or just the common cold, just to name a couple...

It may seem simple to you, but I challenge you to try it...Go to the local library and get a PDR...It'll be the book that's as thick as your waist...It's what all MD's use for reference...

Once you check it out, let us know if your opinion has changed...
Wow, you really didn't read my post clearly. I stated surgeons definitely have the skills. A lot of skill. I"m referring to those doctors that you see when you don't feel right all they say is drink lots of water and get rest and write you up a perscription for antibiotics. I mean these guys aren't even trying.

Of course a cough could indicate multiple things. Of course medicine is complicated. You're reading my post as if I said medicine was easy. I'm not saying that at all. I'm questioning if some of these doctors today are really worth their paychecks cause they don't seem to do enough analyzing or enough work for the patient.
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