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Do Doctors Really Do Anything?

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With the way modern medicine is today, I kind of feel like today's doctor has it a bit easy. It just seems like anytime you have a problem you go see them and all they do is check your pulse, blood pressure, and listen to your breathing and then perscribe you some drugs. The drugs do all the work. The thing that gets me is if you were taught all the symptoms of a particular ailness eventually you'd be able to know exactly what to perscribe. Some of you may argue, "Well that's what they're trained to do-recognize the symptoms..." But these symptoms are not hard to spot. If you're coughing up crap, seem to have a bad sickness, they perscribe antibiotics. If you have asthma they give you an inhaler. If you're sad they give you Prozac. It just seems to me like they're just advanced, licensed, drug dealers. Of course I really don't know what else to expect from them. It's not like I want them to whip out a scalpel each time I see them and work magic, but sometimes I wonder how hard their job really is. You do of course have some specialist like surgeons and stuff and they definitely have the skills. But some of these regular doctors... What the hell are they getting paid so much for?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts opinion on doctors? -->Dr. :hshot <-- me there no differnt from the fucking lawyers. all abunch of educated money grubbin pricks out to take money from the poor and make people miserable...... I have been subjected to tortures that I dont want to get into here but believe me, they were pretty fucked up.... because of that I'm terrified of them, lost all my teeth due to that reason.... to end it all it's probably cut a easy 20 years off my life. There pretty much responsible for killing my Father too. Miss-diagnosed him saying he had a cold, when in acuality he had the begginings of thyroid cancer. If caught early its treatable. My Mom had it and she is still going at 80 years of age. Other sprcialists have told me yes your father very well have might made it if the they diagnosed it properly and acted on it... I HATE FUCKIN DOCTORS.... Been seeing too many of the dam quacks recently.... not a one has done a thing that has helped me. I'm getting so dam depressed I'm ready to end it all. :eek: <--- I'm about a half second from pulling the tr*****.... reason is below..
On top of that I have been trying to get assistance from our state so I can get back on my feet and get kicked in the ass... Ive applied 3 times now, yet they eagerly hand out loads of money to people who can't even speak english.... and never put a dime into the system, which I have donated 40% of every check I ever got to, now when I need it I get refused..... HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT????

I'll say this much, there are a few EXECELENT doctors, but there far and few between. My friends wife is one of the few, she saved my lifr without even seeing me. She heard her husbands description of how I looked and in an hour I felt about 100 times better than I had in 3 weeks of going to Kaiser Medical center every day for 2 weeks, and being handed penecillian in increasingly larger sizes until I had gotten so sick I couldn't even stand up, I couldnt eat, anything I swallowed came right back up. I really was in bad shape.
I had a extreme case of penicillian resistant strep throat and when my bike riding buddy came by and saw me he caled the wifey told her I loked like i was dying and she told him to go back home and in her office was some synthetic form of anti boitic, telling him how many to take initally and I aint shittin within 1 hour I felt so much better I felt like I could run a marathon...
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