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Dirt bike to road bike conversion

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Has anyone seen this? This company makes kits to convert MX bikes to road bikes - keeps the engine, frame and major components. They make kits for all the major manufacturers:

Vehicles -

Too bad the price is so high between the bike and the kit, because it looks pretty damn cool.

Convert this:

to this:

Using this:

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Note that this is *not* to convert to a *street* bike; it's for track use only. They are trying to get this established as a new race series for people more-or-less beginning their roadracing careers, to replace current smallbore 2-stroke classes. If they succeed in getting the series started, then this will be how you build a bike to race in it. If not, then this is essentially a useless object.

I don't know about useless, depending on what state you live in it can be fairly easy to plate a dirt bike. My 97 YZ250 supermoto is plated in KY and the bike has been since new. I know several guys who have plated CRF's, and YZ/WR's in both KY and OH.

One of those conversions might be a lot of fun.
Fun, sure. But for the cost of the bike + the kit, that's a lot of dosh. And then you'd still have to fit it with lights and road equipment, and wrestle with your DMV to put it on the road. Or just have a very expensive medium-fast track bike.

You could convert the dirtbike to a street-legal supermotard for a lot less money and have just as much fun in the twisties, or you could trick out an SV650 for a lot less for track usage, or buy a full sportbike and have a lot more performance.

Without the racing series, I just don't see this as being worth it to very many people.

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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