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Did your body weight make you want a larger bike?

  • I am over 200 lbs and chose a liter bike

    Votes: 9 15.0%
  • I am over 200 lbs and a 600 fits me fine

    Votes: 17 28.3%
  • I am under 200 lbs and it had no affect on my decision

    Votes: 34 56.7%

Did your body weight have any impact on your bike decision?

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I was wondering if any of you feel that your body weight had any impact on your decision to choose the bike you did. I guess this question is geared more towards the experienced rider who has gone through a couple, three bikes already. Do you think weighing over 200lbs has a significant affect on the bikes handling, torque, hp.. etc.. especially on a 600cc bike vs. a liter bike?

I'm about 6'1 and pushing 235...
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Yeah, i'd say only for a track bike, or if you're over 300lbs...

But for the street, it's my belief that a liter bike is more fun, just because you don't have to rev the balls off of it.

It depends on what you're going for. But if you're not extremely familiar with bikes and not pushing it near its limits, you wont notice the difference in handling due to your extra body weight.

If you're looking into a 600RR or something, and you are at 230lbs, i'd say you'd be totally fine. ESPECIALLY if you're not that experienced with riding. A liter bike is a totally different animal than a 600. One sneeze and you could be on your back before you know it...
2true said:
No, i've been riding for a couple, three years now.. i've had an r6, went to a 954, now i'm back on another 600.. I agree with you kevinwilly about the weight not being an issue unless 300+ lbs.. I just had a friend of mine today whose 6'5 around 240 get a brand new R1 as a second bike because the 06 R6 wasn't "big" enough for him... He had a vf500 for about 6 months.. I'm not completely worried about him, he seemed ok riding it home (about 60) miles.. But I am gona be worried about him when we're in the canyons and he has that thing around 10k rpms coming up on a corner..
Ah, gotcha.

But yeah- weight really shouldnt determine what you buy. I think riding style should be a better indicator. Though i have never seen the point to buying a japanese I-4 liter bike... but that's another story.

I mean- either you want to go fast in corners and be nimble, or you want to cruise around town and have torque. To me, that means a 600 I-4 or a 1000 V-twin. A 1000 I-4 is just kinda silly....

But i guess if you need an excuse to feed your ego...
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