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Devil Customer Service

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I just wanted to mention this they deserve this.

I first dealt with them last year when I had to replace my tail section. I already had the GP3 undertail and i busted the rear part of it where the tail lights are and I called them up and they sent me out the white lenses and bulbs (i paid for the replacement). Then i called back cause i needed the white housing part of it as well after closer inspection. They sent it out for nothing and I had it in 2days. Customer service and communication was awesome back and forth.

Just the other day I blew out the running lights for the tail section again for some reason. I think the vibration or something is doing it. Regardless I emailed them about the problem and they replied back within a few hours and offered a solution. Replacement LED lights for the GP3 undertail...which was a great solution not to mention it will look hotter than the regular bulbs ;).

I know its nothing crazy, but deal with a lot of companies online for work and my social stuff and they definately have one of the best service departments. Someone always picks up the phone and answeres their emails in a timely manner....good job guys!!!!

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Maybe the french aren't all good for nothing after all!
f2benny said:
Maybe the french aren't all good for nothing after all!
Naw, one good deed won't redeem them from an entire history of being frenchmen.
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