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I guess the helmet lock wasn't meant to be ridden with a helmet in it. :phatyo

So this guy I work with wanted to borrow my spare helmet to ride this chick that apparently wasn't his wife. Who cares, right?

I decide to take him my helmet like I see just about every other sportbike rider in South Carolina, strapped to the side of the bike.

Now before some of you assholes try and flame me for not wearing a helmet, yes I had one on my head also.

So I'm riding down the street and next thing I know the bike just feels lighter. I look in my rear view and see my lid and back seat lying in the road.

Well, that rules out me cruising the strip with my helmet strapped on the side of the bike so all the cool people can see me and accept me into the club.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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