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DEATH of a former member...

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For those of you who were around last year, and prior, KATIE was killed in a motorcycle related accident while on her way home from work on August 3rd.

There are numbers for contact info over on for those who would like to send flowers or attend the funeral...

I know there are a number of people who had mixed feelings about this woman... Please keep in mind she left behind a 9 year old daughter.

Mike Kelly
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just heard about it from Scot

terrible.....just terrible.......I feel so bad for her daughter. But generally just feel BAD now.

RIP Katie...sorry I was such a prick to you :(
Dam!!!!! :(

R.I.P. Katie :(

I hope her daughter is taken care of.
It's my understanding there will be a service held for her on Sat. at 11am, church unknown.

Also, for some reason I can't get on for some reason to get more info.
Yup, the server was either taken down or they lost their link about an hour ago.

I've not been on any of the boards since my little episode with the PoPo and advertizing of the bike forsale, but I got the word from Barry B. about three hours ago and started researching it... Not long after I posted here, DCSBN crashed... My guess is it was due to traffic from posts aroung the internet community about the incident.

I couldn't find a news report anywhere. No other details are noted concerning what specifically happened with the accident.
I never met her but I always heard she was a good person and a good rider.

R.I.P Katie :(

I'll be praying for her daughter.
No I can't believe it :( ...RIP Katie...My prayers go out to her family and ecspecially her daughter . :(.
RIP Katie. This just ruined my day.
Well, I for one am glad that before I punched out of the Sportbike website wars, I made my peace with Katie and we actually had very pleasent e-mails and PMs. I guess you could say that in the end, I was accused of being a leg humper, and that is A-OK with me! She and I made peace in the aftermath! :twofinger

She was a unique person who caused controversy and excitement wherever she was, and I hope that her spirit has found a better place.

I'll be making a donation for her daughter.

Mike :cool:
I rode with her a couple of times but I didnt get to know her. RIP Katie :(

The funeral arrangements are as follows:
When: 7 August
Time: 11:00 am
Where: Christ Our Lord Church
2610 Omisol Rd.
Lake Ridge, VA

To pay our last respects to a fallen rider/friend that was so close to our hearts in so many ways we have decided to ride to her funeral.

I spoke to Boom tonight, and she said Katie’s family wouldn’t mind us riding to the funeral if we chose to. They believe that is what she would want, so listed below are a few options. Wherever you leave from the bikes must be there by 10:15 and no later.

If you are interested in riding your bike to the funeral there will be a couple of meeting spots:

1. Centreville Multiplex- 9:00am meeting time 9:15(leaving)

2. Springfield Starbucks- 9:00am meeting time 9:15(leaving)

We will not be waiting for people to get gas, so fill up before you get there please.

We also need a few leaders for the Springfield group anyone?

I will post up more details if needed.


I have read all the posts on many of the other forum websites. Thank you for posting your thoughts. After the weekend, I will be printing out ALL webites that have posted regarding katie. CF, SBN,, and others i find. I plan on putting it all in one bundle to hand to the family and for laya. Katie has reached many people and they should know all the kind words many have said about her.

Thank you

The funeral arrangements are as follows:
When: 7 August
Time: 11:00 am
Where: Christ Our Lord Church
2610 Omisol Rd.
Lake Ridge, VA
Phone # 703.491.2953.

Specificly the plan for the funeral is that anyone who wants to come can. Anyone that wants to speak, the family will give you one minute to speak.

All those that show up on bikes will be pointed out to park along omisol road, NOT in the parking lot. The parking lot is small and we want that to be for family and those that ride in cars.

I will be there early to show how and where all bikers can park their bikes. They will be staggard closely and facing toward miniville road.

The family has no plans for a procession, so here is the plan for after the funeral.

One of the many things that katie liked to do for fun was meet up at the local pool hall. We have spoken with management and we will be heading to GATORS after the funeral.


Gators Billiards & Cafe
3093 Golansky Blvd
Woodbridge, VA 22192
(703) 670-8079

We will leave procession style and head over to the pool hall. WE figured that this would be the best place for anyone who wants to come and talk anything motorcycle related. We feel this is something katie would want.
Management asks that we park at the back of the parking lot, but other than that. The more that come the better. You can stay in the parking lot outside gators, come inside for a beer, pool food.. whatever.
We just want to show a little respect by leaving the funeral in procession style as best as possible to stay together but DO NOT VIOLATE any LOCAL laws. Please!

I suggest showing up at the church by 10:15. I will be out there and I am also suggesting that we all wait outside until AFTER all the family has gone inside. Once they are in, then we all can overfill the church if need be.

The family has expressed that this is for katie and it is what she wants, so I hope MANY of you will show up.


A fund for Laya is being established. This will be for her to have money for college when she reaches that age.

All checks are to be written to "Christ Our Lord church" In the memo line, put " Laya Ashton Fund" . You can deliver the checks on saturday or you can mail it to:

Christ Our lord church
(light house)
2610 Omisol Rd.
Lake ridge, Va 22191
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Picture site dedicated to katie. More will be added as they are sent in to be posted.

Pix site
Guys, Did any of you see the report in the post of the actual accident.

There are a ton of rumors going around about what supposedly happened vise what did happed. For my personal interest, and to quel a few discussions elsewhere, If you KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, Hit me offline with a PM...

I do NOT want to hear the "I heard that XXX". What did the accident report say. I don't want it posted here... I want it in a PM, Please.

I dont think there was any report in the Post. I looked. I could be wrong though.
So sad :( RIP ... my prayers go out to the family and especially her little girl.
My God... I just came back to SBN to read this... I so sorry for her daughter. Terrible...

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