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I'm sure TN and NC Troopers will be everywhere since Labor Day is coming up. I don't know if they're still doing it but they use to fly the helicopter up there around Holidays to look for speeders from up above. The Gap is ok but you gotta get over to the Cherohala Skyway. You'll love it! There are plenty of good roads in the area to ride. The ride from the store to Fontana Dam is pretty good to. Good Luck to ya and don't try and be Nicky Hayden or anything...not the place to do it.

Also, I approached a road block several several years ago and they had bikes stopped on the side of the road waiting in line for the road block (once the line gets longer they send another trooper to end of it as well to prevent anyone from leaving) and anyway, I didn't have Motorcycle License then. Cost $145 for a non-moving violation so it didn't go on my insurance. Anyway, just FYI.

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By the looks of it, eastern KY has roads that seem the same, if not better, than any roads in the NC or TN area.

Next time I go down there, Im definitely staying in KY two or three nights on the way home.

Good luck, have fun, and be careful.

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Just watch the local laws, and enjoy. Riding down there is so much fun, but meeting the people and that is also a great time. I rented a jetski with a friend and explored the river also. great times.

There are so many great roads, just go out and enjoy it. KY has a lot of scenery itself, I came from IL ... you really don't know shitty shitty scenery till you've ridden all over this state. I mean, it's not Nebraska, Montana or the dreaded KANSAS, but it's still pretty shitty.

I was seriously in awe when I saw mountains. I had to pull over and just take it all in.

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I'mm BACCKK!!!

The best experience in my life! I'll go day by day.

Wednesday Sept 2nd:
Before me and my group even meet up, my buddy and his wife get a ticket! Cop said they were doing 80mph. They couldn't, the wife had only ridden 60 miles TOTAL, and was barely making speed limit. It's ok, taken care of, and they didn't let it spoil their vacation.
I skipped the trip down, as it was uneventful, except Hope got a bug in her eye that lasted 2 days.
Get to the bottom of the Dragon's tail. Hope is nervous (I didn't let anyone know, I was nervous + excited). I took it easy, cause I had a passenger. And I was following Hope, a new rider. We took turns following her, to share some fun. It was just as much fun to watch others go through! After visiting the Dragon's store, we left for Robbinsville, to stay at a hotel. I HIGHLY recommend Papa Place Pizzeria if you're in Robbinsville.
We met 4 guys FROM ITALY come to just ride the Dragon's Tail! One has an MV Agusta F4-1000R. We also saw a group of crusiers from New Zealand!

On day one, we saw a TOTAL of ONE cop!

Sadly, I do have to report a fatality on this day. A cruiser bike was filming, and he got faster and faster, and missed the turn, and run wide. RIP. :(

Thursday Sept 3rd:
It was drizzling rain. We didn't care! We traveled Cherohala Skyway 50 miles long! peaked elevation was 5390 ft high. This beat the CRAP out of the Dragon's tail. We liked it so well, we went back across after it stopped raining! On the way over, we saw a blue ZX-10 wrecked. We didn't stop, as he had like 15 people already. Apparently he went around a turn, and hit s spot of oil. He was only dazed. Luckily he was in a spot where he hit a rock wall about 8 ft high, or else he would have went over the mountain.
This skyway doesn't have but 2 really sharp turns, unlike the Dragon's 50 gazillion. Most of the turns are long sweepers. LOVE this place.
We get over the Skyway, and visit the moto outfitters. He tells us about Bald Rock falls. WOW! It's an 18 mile ride on a ONE LANE road, but the side has a mountain stream the WHOLE way. Awesome ride, even if you don't get to go fast.
Saw one cop, but wasn't on the bikes, we were talking outside the hotel.

Friday Sept 4th:
Got up to leave the Gap, we got gas, and hit Route 28, commonly known as Hellbender's! This is BY FAR the best road of them all! scenic route, with awesome curves. Unless of course if you count the FedEx truck in MY lane :bitchslap
We made a stop at Fontana Dam, the largest dam on the Eastern seaboard @ 480ft tall.
After we got out of there, we hit the Dragon's Tail one last time, and I let her rip this time, even with my passenger. I cooked my back tire, I guess cause the extra weight of the passenger. I rolled up rubber ALOT. All the photographers were there, because of Labor Day...Killboy, Zeefoto, and Moonshine photo. I'll be on there in a couple days.
Get to the bottom of the gap and BAM! speedtrap! 2 Sheriff's cars, and a TN trooper. I look down and am doing 44 in a 40. They didn't bat an eye. Our new rider said her Speedo said 58 and they didn't stop her either! Yet the Trooper was chewing out 2 H-D riders bad.

Overall, I'd vote it like this.

1. Hellbender's
2. Cherohala Skyway
3. Dragon's Tail
4. Bald Rock falls

I'll get pics Sunday when I go over to my bud's house to get a CD full.

If you get a chance, GO!!! If not for the speed, just the experience. I learned alot while I was there.

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Cool. Thanks for the writeup.


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Sounds like fun. I don't know if I would want to do it with a passenger on back though. I like to take my wife out for the occasional ride, but I'll be leaving her at home when I go to the dragon.

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I found some action shots from moonshine photo. I am the red bike, page 58, at the bottom is my buddy Sid (last 2 pics & con't on page 59) on a 2005 R1. After Sid, the girl on 2008 r6s in pink is Hope, the new rider.

Looks are deceiving, I was doing about 40.

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