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September 25th -27th Deals Gap Ride

It’s coming up fast, the fall ride, Dragons tail is a calling. This ride was originally intended to be fall ride. Now it’s a fall ride / memorial ride for those Fallen riders. I know a lot of us have lost someone that rides this year. My plans are just to have a ribbon on my bike in there memory. Go out ride safe and enjoy the one thing we all love, which is riding. If you have never been to DEALS GAP you missing out. Lets all get together and go have some fun. We plan on coming in Friday and Riding all day Saturday. We can then head out on Sunday. Everyone is free to ride at there own pace. We are not here to set speed records, lets all be safe. There are several other roads that we can ride. There is the sky way as well as a road called Hellbender. By all means if someone knows any other road near by that would be worth riding let us know. I have several hotels in mind I just need 10 people to get a group rate but this has to be confirmed.
Let me know ASAP if you would like to go I would like to call the hotel by the end of this week. The hotel in mind is 3 miles from deals gap It is in Robbinsville NC.

Come on everyone lets go have fun a ride for those that are no longer with us. Everyone is welcome Sportbikes, Cruisers, customs, and whatever else.

If you know you can go just add your name and also email me so that once I get the hotel information I can get you the details

[email protected]

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