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Product being reviewed – Cycle Stylez Motorcycle Cover

Product Features – High quality, lightweight travel cover
-Highly water resistant, Weatherguard Polyester with UV treating
-All seams double stitched with nylon thread
-Heat resistant thermo guard nylon on lower areas
-Cloth on windshield and fuel tank area to resist scratches
-Flow through ventilation prevents condensation
-Large heavy-duty grommets
-Matching duffel bag

For most riders, their bike is not just basic transportation. Their bike is one of the most important parts of their lives. Owners like to keep their bikes looking as if they just rode them off the show room floor. Weather you're parking your bike in your garage, or in front of your apartment building, a good motorcycle cover is a smart investment. If you have an apartment, the cover will protect your bike from rainstorms, bird droppings, and the afternoon sun. Even if you have a garage, we all know if your bikes sits in there for very long, the bike will start to act like a dust magnet, pulling in dust from wherever dust comes from.

I was tired of my bike getting dusty if I didn't have a chance to ride it for a few days. Always wiping down the bike before the next ride just gets to be a little inconvenient. That was the main reason I decided to start searching for a bike cover.

There are plenty of bike covers out there to choose from. You can spend anywhere from $10 to well over $100. It's all up to you and your pocket book. I just went to Ebay and started searching through the bike covers that they had auctions for and found a seller who seemed to have a good product and also suggested a specific size to fit my Hayabusa.

Upon receiving the package, I opened it up and the bike cover was tucked away in it's own little duffel bag. The duffel bag is maybe about the size of a small toaster and should be easy to find a place to store when the bike cover is not being used. The duffel bag has a pretty standard drawstring that will close up the bag to keep the bike cover nicely packed up inside.

After getting the bike cover out of the bag and starting to inspect it, I noticed it had a fairly soft and large patch of cloth on the inside of the cover. This patch of blue cloth is positioned on the inside of the bike cover so that the cloth is resting on top of the bikes windscreen instead of the polyester touching the screen. This should really help to keep the windscreen from getting scratched up with the cover on.

Putting the cover on the bike is pretty simple. I just start at the front of the bike. Once you get the front of the cover around the front fairing and down near the front tire, the front of the cover will stay in place while you walk around to the back and pull the cover over the tail section and down to the tire. I bought the XL cover like the Ebay seller suggested and the fit was very nice. On a smaller bike the XL would probably have plenty of extra fabric that would flap around if the bike were left outside, but for the Busa an XL size cover is the way to go.

The cover has an opening on each side to help with ventilation. Each opening has a fine woven mesh that would actually keep most insects out if they tried getting inside through the vents. Each vent then has a flap of material that hangs down over the vent about 4-5 inches to keep any rain from entering the vents. These flaps are basically like an upside down jeans pocket with the vent hole buried down inside the pocket. Unless the wind was really blowing the cover around while it was raining, I doubt any rain would find it's way inside.

There is also two pairs of thick plastic grommets located at the bottom edge of the cover. One pair is located near the middle of the bike and one pair is located right around the front tire of the bike. The cover also comes with some small bungee hooks for these grommets. Used together, this proves a great way to lock bike cover to be absolutely sure the cover won't blow away.

I think there may be a lot of people out there that maybe don't realize just how convenient having a bike cover can be. When I used to store my bike over the winter, I usually just used an old blanket of some kind, but having a good fitting bike cover is definitely a step up. I paid less than $35 for this bike cover and would definitely consider this as a good investment.

Pros – Great fit, cloth to protect the windshield, ventilation, good price

Cons – The only thing I might complain about is that I couldn't really pick from a variety of colors, but then again it's a bike cover and hardly anyone will ever see it

Purchase price – Around $35 (shipped) from Ebay Power Seller

Quality – I would give this product an 8. I'm sure there are bike covers out there that may be made with a better quality or thicker material, but this cover meets all my needs, so I was able to save a lot of money instead of buying a much more expensive cover.

I would rate this product a 4 out of 5. This is definitely a good bike cover with a great price. That's just what I was looking for.


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