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Haven't been on this forum in years... but I have a weird crack in my head. I picked up my bike new in Dec of '04 and have ridden the piss out of it. Not a whole lot in recent years, as my commute was greatly reduced and replaced by a ct110 or other hobbies took the place of joy rides, but I thought I'd share a weird oil leak I found as an interesting note and warning to anyone who reads this.

In the upper left and part of my engine near the mounting bolt there has been a mysterious oil weeping area for years. I figured that it was just some residue from a tiny valve cover gasket leak. I'd wipe it off and it would gradually come back as a wet dirty spot. After awhile I noticed some oil spray on my leg or boot on 250+ mile rides. Recently I noticed the wet spot is actually wet now and not just an oily dirt smudge. In the center is a tiny 1/8th inch crack. Nowhere near any joints or scratches.

The bike has 52k miles on her and has been down twice. Once when my gear bungy net failed and my stuff fell off the back, but still being held by part of the bungy, got stuckin my rear wheel and locked it up at 85mph resulting in a 25mph high side crash to the right side of the bike(allllllllllllllllmost blew threw a nearly new tire) and a ... we'll say "L" bone crash when a nice big truck ran a stop sign and clipped the back of the bike, resulting in a lowside crash to the left side.

My best guess is that one of those crashes created some sort of microfracture in the head that gradually expanded with use over the years. Unless of course the TPS sensor wasn't the only defect for that generation of FZ6.

That all being said...

Service has been a valve adjustment at 27k
regular oil changes
a new set of chain and sprockets at 30k
new tires every 10k miles
tps sensor
new throttle cable at 25k
and new handlebars and foot peg after the highside crash.

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That is a weird leak. I think you're right about the leak likely being related to one of your incidents.

As a fellow "bought-new in 2004" owner, my FZ6 is still going strong, but I barely ride any more. :(
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