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Could Tennessee be getting a Road Race Track??

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Found this on a website. Tennessee just might be getting a race track that would accomidate us and our hunger for more tracks! :D
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i can see a track from my house.... a dirt oval track!
i'd love to! saving up for moving kinda puts a bind on buying new toys though. however, philbie said he'll take me to the track when i move to az, i'm pretty damn stoked about that.
OFFICER737 said:
Good deal on Phillbie helping ya on the track :dblthumb

I understand about crunching the pennies......doing some of that myself for a track bike:lao
i've been kind of looking around for a potential track bike too... nothing serious yet but it would be cool to have a race bike and have a place to ride it safely.
OFFICER737 said:
I hear ya! Some have mentioned using my D6 for a track bike but would prefer not to in case it hits the pavement and required major repair.
yeah, phil mentioned using my new gixxer. if i had something else to ride i wouldn't mind putting it on the track, but i can't not ride at random! i'd rather find a damaged but reparable 600 and fixing it up for the track. i'm kinda thinkin that might be my winter project this year, depending on $$$.
yep, i read that post, i bet that was a blast. i'm sure my bike would be a lot of fun on the track but it cost me a lot of money. that's why i need a beater! or a winning lottery ticket. i'm thinkin the beater might come first though!
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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