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Great group of guys it is open to other bikes and most are from out of state. I lived it Bridgeport till I moved to TENN. I told them of all the great roads up there in the area. East and West.


The place to put the kickstands down and open the beer:

Days Inn in Bridgeport, WV


Just off I-79, exit 119

We have a block of 20 rooms set up for the VFR-Group for May 17 and 18

These are being held for us up to May 1st

Room choices:

2 doubles or a king - $75 n/s or smoking

Suite of 2 doubles or a king, both with a pull-out sofa bed. - $85 also n/s or smoking

Number of occupants doesn’t matter (a reasonable number is assumed, but I doubt anyone is going to be doing a head count)

If we have more attendees, they’ll won’t limit any bookings at those rates unless they run out of rooms.

Cancellations can be done up to 6 pm day of check-in.

I’ve already booked a king – night time ear plugs for me won’t be necessary.

Hot breakfast in the morning included

The weekend menu is scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage, waffles etc.

Two restaurants w/in spitting distance

Brickside Bar & Grille – a nicer sports bar is how it was described

J. C. Maxey’s – the best steak hoagies ever in the manager’s opinion

As far as Saturday routes, my listings from last year can be adjusted, though being further north and west may limit the southeastern scope of both the Almost Heaven and BBC routes. (I’m typing up all this a work for posting when I get home – someone else can dig up the links for those and repost them here, please).

Several of RouteMeisters Marietta routes dabble in western WV and can be used as well.

I won’t have time to craft any new routes centered on Bridgeport until after March.

In the meantime, those of you who have studied the Tao of Tao, can sooth your PMS and craft some offerings for the rest of us to kibitz about.

If you need an aim point, I think Bolt Mountain is within range.

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I may join up with your group if I don't have any scheduling conflicts that weekend. I am down in Putnam county and would meet up each day. Could not find any info on Cotu. Is this rally a brand specific or a riding group from TN?
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