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I have a 2005 SV650S and the only fender eliminators I've seen cost around 150-200 dollars... I want to find a way to do it cheaper, and perhaps someone lurking on SBN could help out... Anybody have any ideas/suggestions/pictures fo your own?


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Actually, I managed to do it myself, for zero cost.

It looks **** good, if I do say so myself.

For those of you with 03-05 SV's that have fenders...

You need:
Metric tools!! Metric hex wrenches, metric sockets, etc.
2 "L" Brackets about 1/2 inch wide, and 1 inch long on each side of the bend. 1 hole for a screw in each side of the L bracket.
2 screws and 2 nuts to attach these L brackets to the undertail once completed.
The stock license plate bracket that holds the license plate to the factory 'mudflap' fender.
Screwdrivers, and a drill with variable bit sizes (WHAT?! A DRILL!? Shocked? ... it will be okay, I promise.)

Check this out, it might be helpful to some of you. Don't have pictures, unfortunately, but if I figured it out, it's really not that hard.

This is for the current gen SVS, a 2005 model to be specific.

First, I took apart the rear end, nearly down to the subframe. Both seats came off, followed by the tail. You have to take off the passenger handle, disconnect all the rear end lights, and then have something to set the rear end upon because the cable lock to the rear seat holds the tail on. You will be able to figure out how to get it off once you get into it.

Once done with screws, and bolts, etc, you will have 4 plastic snap-lock screw dealies holding the undertail to the tail. Carefully remove these. This allows you to pop the undertail section off, separating it from the tail section (not completely off) and gives you access to the 10mm bolts holding the stock 'mudflap' fender to the subframe. Once you get under here... there are two 10mm bolts on each side holding the 'mudflap' to the bike, you can remove them, but one of them is hidden on each side, you might need an extension for your ratchet, or extreme patience.

Now, you should be looking at your subframe, and your undertail should still be mostly in place. At this point, I went ahead and put everything back together with the exception of replacing the rear seat. Snapping the plastic snap-lock dealies to hold the undertail to the tail fairing section is tricky, but if you can get your hands in there to give some support on the back, it's not a problem. If you look, there will be about a 1/4 inch gap in the undertail where your hideous fender flap used to be. It's gone!!!

What I did, is removed the stock blinkers from this, and re-used them (with the intention of buying new short-stalk blinkers in the future). Check this out....

Remember that license plate bracket from before? Turn it upside down, attach your L brackets to the two screwholes that held this to the fender. Use the same screws/nuts to attach this to the L brackets. I had these brackets laying around (and I still have a dozen of them) but they shouldn't be more than 35-60 cents apiece at your local hardware store. Now, theres the two side "wings" of this license plate holder that once held reflectors. This is where you'll mount those blinikers. What I did, is I got two larger-guage nuts I had laying around and used them to space the blinkers so they would tighten properly. If you're using aftermarket blinkers, you won't have this problem, if you're using the stock blinkers, you'll know exactly what I mean, and you'll manage to find a way to fix this problem.

Remember that 1/4 inch gap where the fender was? This is where these L brackets will go. Rock them up in there, and mark where they fit. Drill appropriate sized holes here. Attach the L brackets to the undertail (make sure everything is TIGHT...) using those 2 screws and matching nuts you produced from elsewhere. The blinker wires will be obvious as to which side goes to which, and you can run these down behind where your plate will be, and all will be good.

It's really not that hard. I figured it out and it took me 2 hours to complete...

Good Luck! Happy fender eliminating!


So none of you probably care, but after mounting the license plate bracket to the soft plastic undertail, things were shaking around... I decided more drilling was in order.

Drilled thru the undertail and put the screws from the fender thru. Now it's tough, and nothing's shaking at all... needless to say, I am pleased. What I did is drilled through the undertail and used the screws from the original fender to mount the undertail to the holes that held the original screws for the fender.

Turns out that I accomplished a professional caliber job for zero dollars and zero cents, and it looks f'n sweet. Yes. Yes it does.

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