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CORSE DYNAMICS Crankcase Breather Kit
Pricing: $24.95

This kit includes everything you need:
•A brand new K&N Filter
•Stainless steel filter clamp
•Filter oil
•A set of four self-locking airbox hole plugs.

The four different size plugs assure that this kit will fit your bike! Unlike competing kits, we include the common 22 and 20 mm plugs for older bikes AND a 19mm & 25mm sizes for late models. Also included are step-by-step directions.

This kit enables you to remove the stock crankcase vent hose assembly (and in many cases the crankcase vent tank), and replace it with a race-style breather filter.

By installing this kit, you will improve the looks of your bike--giving it that "race ready" appearance. It removes some of those ugly black hoses that run around the engine. As well, this kit reduces weight, and eliminates contamination of the air intake, keeping your engine running in tip-top shape. The superior venting of the K&N filter helps improve crankcase pressure control, reducing blow-by which can compromise power. It also helps eliminate the "cloudly sightglass" problem, by helping to control moisture in the crankcase. Did you know that in stock configuration, the design of your bike allows the intake to suck in oily mist from the crankcase? This kit elimiantes that problem--keeping your engine drawing in CLEAN air, like was intended!

Installing this kit requires some basic hand tools and will take anywhere from 10 to about 30 minuites, depending on the model of your bike. If you are experienced with working on your bike, it will probably take you less than 10 minuites.


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