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CORSE DYNAMICS Life Saving Oil Filter Wrench: Ducati OEM Filter


Pre-order now - these will be shipping 10/11/12

When all else fails this will bail you out!

Everyone has over tightened a bolt in their life time, it happens. How you get the bolt removed can be the difference between 5 minutes of your day and countless hours of failed attempts and ideas.

Corse Dynamics offers an oil filter wrench which works quite well, but we still have customers that insist on using the good ole screwdriver method. If the screw driver hole tears open because the filter is too tight the entire filter falls to pieces leaving the top still connected to the motor. We have heard of failed attempts to remove the rest with: pliers, shears, vice grips, strap wrench, channel locks, or heat typically without any success.

This tool is the solution, it is constructed of aluminum and hard anodized in order to keep the cost affordable, this works but it is not for everyday industrial use. It is designed to get you out of the pinch and save you hours of unnecessary anger and frustration. We have tested this, used this, and are happy with it. We weren’t planning on making them, but it is such a valuable tool for certain situations that we have decided to release it to the public.

1/2" drive provision allowing use of the longest torque wrench in your tool box for leverage.

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