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:) WE all have had our run in with the law, and once in a while there are those cops that are just cool as hell and just let you off the hook when you know they could have nailed you ass. Whats your story.

I was going to my brothers house and at night and I was behind a slow truck, I thought there was a passing lane, but when I dropped a gear and hit it there was no passing lane and then a half mile down the road the highway turns into to a double lane and here comes 2 cars comming up on me really fast. I wasnt speeding or anything. Then here comes the blue lights, they pulled me for speeding and passing in a no passing zone, next thing I know we start bull shitting about bikes, me and 2 cops shooten the breeze, next thing I know they asked me to do a stand up down the road. I thought they were kidding, but they wasn't. So I busted a few stand ups and a couple of stoppies for the po po, and they let me go free and clear. :dblthumb
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