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The night before Thanksgiving two years ago I got pulled for going 56 in a 25 through a little town. In PA you can lose your license for 30 mph over the speed limit. I was about the only person on the road and I wasn't causing any harm i guess. I was driving my parents explorer because I got a flat tire in my truck before I went out and just wasn't used to driving it. I see the cop I pass and look down and I am at about 52 mph. His lights came on and I pulled over and turned on my dome light. I gave him my license and he was like you still live at this address and I was like no sir. I forgot to give him my change of address card. I give him that and he says I work in that town some weekends and asks me exactly where I live. He gives me my stuff back and says have a good night and be careful. That would have been a hefty fine, points, and possibly a loss of license.
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