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... I was in one of my Z-28 I had, a 79 with a 427 I sliped in place of the emmision motor. Windows up AC on screamin along doin over 160 (speedo was pegged) smokin a J with the gf had a fresh Bud between my legs havin a great time... until out of the corner of my eye I see a dark blue figure and whip my head around to see a MC Cop putting his radar gun away and in the mirror I see the headlight stand up as he comes off the kickstand and go "oh shit" slam on the brakes open the windows franticly start spraying "Ozium" in the car hand the beer to the gf and dart out of the car and stand at the rear spoiler trying to air the pot smell off me thinkin ok now Im screwed for sure... He don't look at all happy when he pulls up. Grabs his radar gun and goes into his speech "You know how FAST you were going??? I tried to babble something out about I didn't know because the speedo only went to... and he shoves the gums display in my face showing 162.3 mph! He just says "I don;t EVER want to see you speeding again." Only reason I'm letting you go is because you stopped. I should arrest you on the spot, but because you stopped I'll let you go. I said a well meant Thank You and he said drive carefully now, and remember what I said.... got back on the bike and off he went.
Me on the other hand needed fresh underwear and a coupla valiums or something to calm me down LOL :D
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