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Lemme see.... I've gotten pulled a bunch of times for various infractions. I'll give the latest 4 on the MC's.

May or June 2004, pulled for doing a sweet rolling endo on the highway (coming up to a red light with no traffic behind me). Cop was impressed with the stoppie, and the fact that I didn't run. Let me go with a little lecture. Later I hear how he told other cops that "it looked so cool, I couldn't write him a ticket". I knew him from when he was a SRO at my old HS. Three weeks later, I did another stoppie in front of my friend's house..... sure enough, the same cop was coming down the road and had to have seen me. Didn't stop though he did look. My friend said he was in a t-shirt, so maybe he was off duty.

October 2003, 2 days after getting my F4, I get pulled doing 65/35 on my way to the gym. She wrote me for 50/35 and I paid out of court. Probably impressed that I pulled directly over before she even had time to do a u-turn.

August 2001, I got pulled for doing 70/55 in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday evening on my F2 while riding back from a friends house who needed computer work done. Paid out of court figuring I'd been let off easy too many times.

August 2001, I got pulled for doing a wheelie away from a stoplight, then doing a stoppie before pulling into a gas station. Was pulled over at the station before I realized the cop was there and coming after me.

A couple weeks ago, I had two cops stop me in a parking lot. One was my friend who rides a ZZ-7R or something like that (naked bike), and his fellow cop friend on a 954. They had been to my house earlier looking for me..... they wanted my advice on learning wheelies and stoppies. ROFLMAO. The guy on the 954 says "Is this the guy that ------- pulled for doing and endo on 29?"
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