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well, it could be a lot of things. First off, your running 98. It's plagued with problems, and I'm sure you heard that before. First thing I would do is check which version you have. If your not sure how to do that, go to start/ settings/ control panel/ system. It will show you which version. You want to be running at least win 98SE. If you aren't my suggestion would be to start considering upgrading to Win XP home at least with svc pk1. I'm not a proponant of microsoft by any means, but I've been using the win os since 3.1 (crap) and win xp is by far more stable.

Anyway. the other thing to check is your temporary folder, it could be filled with misc junk.
That will be under c:\windows\temp select everything, and delete and then delete your recycle bin. If it is fairly empty, then I would check your temporary internet files too.
c:\windows\temporary internet files (well something like that)

I haven't used win 98 in a while so my directions may not be 100% correct, but should get you going in the right direction.

hope that helps.

Oh, it would help too to find out your total RAM, total hard drive space and available hard drive space too. You could be running really low on both.
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