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Uhmm no problems here well not for a while! 98 on one xp pro on another..
98se is the best win/os in my opinion out now for 5,6yrs plenty of patches
and fixes for it right off the start tab/ update windows.

Also Anti virus super important! search for AVG anti virus it's free
there are others too..

Adaware & spybot search & destroy ....good free programs to remove
spyware, spybots cookies that track you ....etc...
We all get that stuff on our pc's some is nastier then others!

Also (not running myself right now) Norton Utilities...
will clean your registry remove non working entries ...etc..
This is what kill windows eventually F'd up reg files...& stuff..
There are other free progs out there that supposedly do that stuff too!

After getting some of the above going Especially updating windows
patches if not current!
Open IE and go to tools/internet options/ you should see temp internet folder/ delte files ...
do that check "off line content" too!

scandisk'd lately? Defragged ever?
start/ accesories/ sytem tools..

good luck..
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