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Yep Benny there is but it can be a slight risk, Win XP or Win2k are both exelent OS'es and can be gotten very easily from Kazaa Lite or DC++ networks (fileshare services) both have the option to upgrade but like any install it can be risky.
Depending on the power of your pc XP is a hog and needs a fast cpu unless its done right it will bog down even a 2 gig cpu. Try to find a XP Pro version of Win PE thats pre install its a hack of Xp thats done up without the garbage and runs very fast and stable. It can also run without installing at all if you have 512mb of memory it will run right off the CD which makes for easy fixes and looks into wtf is going on. It includes partition magic, and a anti virus plus a ton of other execlent programs with it. It is literally a pc tool box on one cd. it unpacks to an amazing 3 gigs! Whoever made it is a genius and made XP a winner in my book.
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