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It has been basically 2 full riding seasons I've not been able to have a bike. I started out riding here in Minnesota back in 2015 with an 89' Kawi Ninja EX500. Next season I got an 06' Honda CBR600RR. Following 2 seasons 17' and 18' I rode an 03' Suzuki SV650S. I actually did have a 2018 Honda CB300f for a short time this year, traded a buddy with my car, and sold that one before winter.

So, I have started my own business doing snow removal, and will be doing lawn care for people this season. I was initially thinking about becoming a Toyota Mr2 owner, but for my first year starting out, I need to make sure I can get through until next snow season. I am getting paid a lot up front, but that's all I'm working with. The Mr2 I was thinking about is out of my range for 2021. So, I am happily going for a sport bike, and tbh am super pumped about it. I am thinking a range of 3k-6k for the bike itself, and am planning on getting some really nice gear, probably about 1k-2k for everything. Haven't considered a full riding suit, but that might be something I'd want. I would love to do a track day as well (might get a separate bike for that) I am a very competitive person. Another thing I want to go for, is having audio hooked up for riding. I've seen some devices that fit on the helmet and use vibrations to provide audio. I think it would be awesome if I could use navigation, listen to music, change tracks, call or answer a call, text via voice, without ever touching the phone. I have a set of alpine ear plugs from a prior year I'd be using with the system.

So yeah, I have plenty of time to think about everything, and in about a month or 2, I'll be shopping for gear, and a potential bike.


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