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Although very HOT over the weekend in VEGAS. This past weekend at LAS VEGAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY was real as real racing gets. There were 600's turning times faster than 1:24's around the 1.75mi Classic Circuit.

The WERA WEST Program currently consists of Saturday track practice with Sunday practice and competition. We know there are several more riders whom either are riding too fast on the streets or racing in other associations.

Here it is...........The WERA WEST Program can expand to offer a full 2-day racing program if only 10 of the 17 race catergories were to increase at minimum by 3 riders respectively. Classes include:

600 SuperSport Novice & Expert
Superbike A Novice & Expert (Open class & liter)
Superstock A Novice & Expert (Open class & liter)
Superstock B Novice & Expert (750 Class)
Superbike B Novice & Expert (750 Class)

Plus many, many more that you can find familiar if you race AFM, WSMC and others.

WERA WEST races at LAS VEGAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY, CALIFORNIA SPEEDWAY, BUTTONWILLOW & WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY. The WERA racers from the East Coast say we are all spoiled wussies and can't ride!

I don't know about that. We'll see at the first of 2 West Coast National Endurance Events to be held at WSIR on June 3rd, 4th & 5th!

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